1st aid training (1st on Scene)

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Since so many Roadies post about accidents and near misses, with advice ranging from blinding drivers with lights, obstruct them with questionable road position to more sensible advice.

I wonder how many riders have taken 1st aid or 1st on scene training. It seems to me to be fairly essential and only takes a short amount of time. If you have thought about it - do it.

http://www.sja.org.uk/sja/training-cour ... t-aid.aspx

I have stopped at quite a few cyclist crashes and you'll be amazed at the lack of capable first aid help either due to shock or knowledge, that I'm often needing to take full control. Luckily I have also been at the scene with GPs, Nurses and even a surgeon.

well worth doing it. Dealing with a road accident, resuscitation and being able to spot the signs of serious injuries is probably the thing that everyone needs to know.


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    I did a cycle specific course with React First which I'd recommend.
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    I completely echo the idea but at £192 inc vat it's a tad expensive. Not to mention a 120 mile round trip.
    diy wrote:
    well worth doing it. Dealing with a road accident, resuscitation and being able to spot the signs of serious injuries is probably the thing that everyone needs to know.

    I've done basic first aid training years ago but I can hardly remember a thing. I suppose it's probably something you need to do say annually to keep on top of it. Use it or lose it.

    If there was something more local and a lot cheaper I would consider something.
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    Probably should have done some more clicking on the sja website but there is some cheaper basic first aid courses... although not much closer! Only the sports one was within my area!
  • Yes. Several times (as refreshers). The guilt I would feel if someone died while I watched when I knew I could have learnt some first aid would haunt me big time.
  • Done 3 days training at work (which they paid for) then a 2 day refresher this summer, again work fitting the bill. Only ever used it twice.

    Once when the umpire sparked out at a cricket match (diabetic) and when a bloke visiting our office got the sh!ts, he said it came on suddenly, had breathing difficulties, and a banging headache. He wanted an ambulance called because he thought he'd caught novo virus or swine flu. I waited 2 hours for an ambulance, they told him he'd probably eaten a bad prawn sandwich and to get a cab home. I managed not to touch him once though :-)
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  • All paid for as a first aider at work, plus they give me a £100 bonus per year for taking on the responsibility, training is well worth it and is applicable to all situations outside the workplace too!!
  • Im lucky enough to be in the armed forces so get annual first aid training, slightly more geared towards battle field first aid but still very useful. The best bit about it is when we deploy we do what we call WAR WEEK, as a simulation of what it could be like and they get in real amputee actors and put loads of fake blood everywhere and fake body parts strewn about the place to see how people deal with it.

    I have also done a 3 day first aid at work course.

    Strangely the only time i've needed to use first aid is on myself when i cracked my head on the undercarriage door and cut it open - bloody everywhere from the smallest of cuts haha.
  • For those who can't do the course I have a first aid app on my phone from the British red cross. It really is very good and it provides information to learn before an accident as well as info on what to do in the event of a problem. Its free so there's no reason not to have it imo.
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    Very timely post.

    I did a one Emergency First Aid course yesterday in Chester prior to doing a Level 2 coaching course early next year. £48 all in and very good. They even keep interrupting the course with a simulated casualty bursting n for us to deal with!

    I had done years of first aid training in the Army, and it changes every time you do a course! Most interesting aspect that I found yesterday was that 15-2 had gone out in favour of 30-2. Apparently blood pressure was dropping too low as the 15 pumps were slower. Vinnie Jones' advert was certainly a success as everyone had heard of it. Paramedic said feel free to sing any up tempo Bee Gees number, but you may be certified! :D

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    We were discussing this last week at our club social. We are looking at getting someone down to the clubhouse one vening to do a group course as I'd expect that to be a bit cheaper.