Beginner with new bike asking for help

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As this is my first post, I'd like to introduce myself. I'm Jorge, a cycling fan from Spain. I've been into cycling since I was a boy but it wasn't until now when I acquired my first road bike (I've had several mtb's before) and I'd like to ask a question. After long looking for the ideal bike budget and quality wise, I decided to go for a Cube Agree SL (I've had Cube mtb's in the past and I'm pleased with the brand) at 1399€ price mark. Now I have to choose a combo of pedals + shoes for it. I don't know anything about automatic pedals, just what I read in the Internet. According to that, I'd better look for a pedal which I can free easily in case of an emergency or whatever on the road and to avoid unnecessary fallings.

Considering I'm not so a low-weight-keeping maniac on bikes and I'm clearly a beginner in this world, would you have a piece of advice for me?

Frankly, I wouldn't want to spend much more than 100€ in the combo. Is there any not-rubbish out there at that price?

Thanks and goodbye