turbo trainer set up help

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my turbo trainer arrived today and its all set up but the instructions are crap.basically i want to know how tight to put the roller against the wheel as a start point.does it just touch the tyre or fit hard against it,any advice be appreciated. :?
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  • dashik
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    I adjusted mine so that the roller indented the rear tyre by about 5mm. I then adjust from their. If it's too loose it will slip when you accelerate, at which point adjust it to be a bit tighter :D
  • AlanW
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    Ideally you want it adjusted a light as you can away with and not get wheel spin when you are loading it up. If you have it adjusted to hard, you will have a "chopping" effect pedalling action. Which is another reason why turbo specific tyres are much better than using std road tyres.
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