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20QR Thru-axle hub loose, advice needed.

nykonyko Posts: 28
edited November 2012 in MTB workshop & tech
Hi, i'm looking for some info about my hub and a slight issue i'm having with it.

Pictures of the hub-
About the hub: Not sure what the hub is exactly as theres no marking on it, but the rear is FH-M525 VIAM. The forks are Fox with the 20QR thru-axel as you can probably see. Thats all I know about it...

The issue:
After screwing the bolt all the way and tightening the clamps there is still a slight bit of play in the wheel. It's not affecting my riding (yet) but when twisting the wheel with my hands I can feel that there is a little wobble too-and-fro. It's something which I can imagine will gradually worsen.

I'm hoping you can give some advice about:
Should I repair it asap, or is it not such a big issue seeing as theres only the slightest bit of play?
I've heard the silver cap type things pop off and can be replaced, would that solve my problem?
If I was to buy a new hub and get it built onto the wheel, will pretty much any 20mm hub be suitable, or would it require something specific to fit?

Cheers for any advice, you can probably tell i'm not clued up on hubs...


  • sniper68sniper68 Posts: 2,910
    It's probably just the hub bearings that need replacing,not the Hub.Modern Hubs last forever,it's the consumables(bearings) that wear.It would help if you could identify the hub but if not the bearing type will probably be stamped on it.It will read summat like 2RS-6805.Really a simple fix but if you're unsure your LBS can do it.
  • nykonyko Posts: 28
    Hm yeah, guess i'll have to take it down to get looked at. The silver caps are in the way of accessing the bearings. I've tried giving them a little pry but they're reluctant to pop off and I don't want to make it worse doing it wrong.
  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    the caps are held in place by the press fit silver rings in the hub. the caps are fine but the bearings inside are the issue or will be.

    just needs stuff hitting from inside.
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