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Trail conditions - Hamsterley & Dalby

gregwarigregwari Posts: 228
edited November 2012 in Routes
Heading North to see the parents, hoping to grab a day at Dalby and a day at Hamsterley (red trail). Whats the trail conditions like?? I'm still running my general use tyres (Conti rubber queen up front, mountain king on the back). Is it time to change to mud tyres yet (I hate mud tyres.... I have mud generally)

Cheers guys


  • compocompo Posts: 1,370
    Can't advise Dalby, but Hammers will be a mixture of dry on the manmade and wet/muddy on the more natural bits
  • gregwarigregwari Posts: 228
    Cool, thanks. I'll stick with the conti's.
  • doilumdoilum Posts: 12
    Did Dalby on Friday 26th so not all that recent but the conditions were pretty good then still
  • Spent a week on holiday up there couple weeks ago and if you stay on official red, black or blue you won`t need mud tyres just tweek your pressures. Off piste as they say, from what I saw, mud tyre certainly upfront.
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