selle italia slr flow vs flite gel low

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Just after advice on a new saddle. I have a selle italia flite gel flow which is knackered and I'm looking at replacing it. I had a few isues with the flite and am looking at another saddle. I quite like the look of the SLR gel flow. I was wondering about the relative padding/springiness of the Flite vs SLR.
I've tried a slr in the past (XC) and loved the shape but couldn't take the low padding, as it concentrated the pressure right on my sitbones. I was wondering how the gel-flow compares. Any riders out there who have compared both I'd love to know your experience.



  • There's a thread on here somewhere about where you can hire different saddles for 30days,so you can see which one you like best before buying. Maybe worth a look on there and try a few.
  • cheers