Change cassette as well as chain....

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My chain is worn, and I know lots of folks tell you to replace the cassette at the same time as the chain, but others say you can change the chain at 0.75% worn and you could manage two or even three chains with a new cassette.

My question is....

How do I know if the cassette is worn? Are there indicators? Or is it if the chain slips?


How many folks change the cassette at the same time as the chain everytime? And how many try to get two or more chains with the cassette?

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    On only two occasions have I changed the cassette with the chain. One of those was on my old runaround hybrid where I'd let the chain stretch so much that the cassette and chainrings were completely knackered. The other was on my road bike earlier this year, when I wanted to change the ratios at the same time I thought the chain might be due for replacement. I still have the old cassette and would put it back on without any hesitation: it had done only about 4-5000 miles.

    On all my other bikes I've just changed the chain every so often; cassettes seem to last more or less indefinitely for the amount of riding I do.
  • id say it all depends on how worn the chain is
    and how long it had been allowed to run on the cassette in a knackered state.
    in my mind monitoring the chain and changing at the right time would be ideal
    and i cant see a problem in that.
    but i may be wrong
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    A worn cassette (and chain rings) will have thinner teeth and possibly shark-toothed. But the easiest way to tell is it a brand new chain skips every so often (as the cassette wears to match the old, worn chain).

    Some think a good practice is to keep two or three chains on the go and swap them over regularly. It certainly makes things easier with cleaning if you like getting the chain off to maintain it: old chain off and in jar of degreaser; spare chain on; clean old chain at your leisure.
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    I have 2 on the go for each MTB and Road bike. They are only 8 speed so less than a tenner each.
    And I swap them around everymonth after a good clean up. And as Wilo mentioned take off, swap it for nice and clean chain, clean the chain when you have more time, easy :-)