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Help Yemen's National Cycle Team get to the start line!

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Maybe you saw the article about these guys in the Guardian last week... ... struggle...

Basically they are having a rough ride and are short of cash to get to their next race.

Yemen is one of the poorest Arab countries. The national team is racing on twenty-year old bikes, with mismatched kit, and get rocks thrown at them when they train. I know cyclists don't always have it easy in the UK... but no-one has ever assaulted me on my bike yet. Jeez.

How you can help:
Make a donation via IndieGoGo, so they can compete in the UAE later this month ... foundation

"It is inaccurate to describe the team as the national cycling team of Yemen, simply because they have lacked the resources to travel anywhere as a team since 2006. Riashi is the only member of the current team to have competed abroad. He says that when they arrived in Egypt in 2006 to compete in the Arab Club Championships, his Yemeni team were almost laughed off the starting line. "Our bikes were probably 20 years old, and our clothes worn … but we soon showed we are serious racers … we finished sixth out of 13 teams and received an apology," he says. Riashi, who competed in the 2008 Tour of Sharjah, is now preparing his team for the next challenge, this year's Arab Club Championships, despite some key shortcomings. "We are probably $2,000-$3,000 dollars short of money to even get our riders to the start line, beyond the problems with our equipment."

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