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Rockshox Recon Gold TK -

owen968owen968 Posts: 7
edited November 2012 in MTB workshop & tech
Hi Guys,

I have noticed that there is a small amount of play and movement in the shocks before any pressure is actually applied. They are a good 6 months+ old now. Is thus something that I should be concerned about?

I am pretty new to mountain biking so I am not sure if I am missing something or doing something wrong :? Everything seems in working condition... any information would be appreciated!



  • Movement and play where and how?
  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,599
    If it's a tiny mm or two at the beginning of the travel (feels like no suspension initially) don't worry about it. Once you're on the bike it's taken up by the sag.
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  • BOYDIEBOYDIE Posts: 528
    Are they Solo Air forks? How old?
    If so do not worry, this could just be the solo air spring engaging. I would also check your headset just to be sure.
  • Chunkers, looking at it today it is more of a slight stick at the point of compression?!, i.e. I would compress the forks and return to normal position then slightly lift the wheel and the fork would pull up by another half an inch, probably less

    Boydie, they are Solo Air and I bought the bike around April this year. I have also checked the headset and it is secure

    I was doing some googling and the term "stiction" came up, would you say this is relevant?

    Cheers for the help guys
  • Yep, sounds like a bit of stiction. Oil/grease the stanchion with lube that won't rot the seals and cycle through the travel and repeat a few times. See if that helps it get better.
  • Cheers, I will give it a go!! This is my first post and it was a success!
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