Quick Question on SRAM cassettes / gearing?

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This might be a stupid question, but then I'm not that clever.

If I'm running a SRAM compact 12/25 rear cassette, is there any reason I can't just change the 12t for an 11t in isolation? The 11t doesn't cut it coupled with the front rings when going downhill....



  • Salsa
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    Can't see why not but remember the lock ring that holds the cassette on is different for 11 & 12t so that will need changing as well.
  • Thanks - wouldn't have considered that, now a trawl through ebay!
  • It won't just be the lockring unforutnately -

    11-25 -


    12-25 -


    So ideally you would want a new 11 and 12 to avoid an odd jump of 2 (the end cog is different to the ones in the midle so you can't just pull the 16 and use the 12 you have).

    I'd also suggest getting used to the 50-12 maximum gear. Unless you're aiming to break 40mph regularly or desending some really huge hills you should be fine (I race on a compact with a 12-23 and with practice I'm fine doing small accellerations at >40mph. Last road race I broke 46mph and presumably I was still pedalling, the hill wasn't that steep...). I do like to spin though.