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Which tyres would you recommend that are puncture resistant and reasonable in wieght? They will be size 25mm to go on my Audax bike. I currently have 32mm Shwalbe marathon plus on my Dawes Galaxy, which have been great all year, but i want something a bit lighter that roll well. I am looking at Conti 4 season tyres for my new bike , what do you think? Any advice welcome cheers.
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    I have Continental Ultra Gatorskins 25mm on my Audax bike and never looked back. There are comfortable and I have only had one puncture. I have now changed the back one to a new one the same, but it lasted about 4,000 miles.
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    Have not yet had a puncture with Conti 4 Seasons - best winter tyres I've ever used
  • Went through quite a few with 4 seasons, many more than gp4000 in fact. Best mix of speed and durability are pro 4 endurance or, for a nice comfy ride, durano plus 25c
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  • Thanks for the replies, i will check them out, thanks again.
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