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Winter bike brakes?

adamroeadamroe Posts: 7
edited November 2012 in Road buying advice
Gone back to the winter bike and am really noticing the poor braking performance compared to summer bike.
Summer - Campag Athena brakes
Winter - 4ZA (Ridley in house brand) brakes
Fairly new to cycling and first observation is that good brakes more important in winter than summer.
Would I notice a significant imporvement with a set of Shimano 105 brake calipers. (rest of groupd set is 105)?

Thanks in advance for feedback


  • stueysstueys Posts: 1,332
    I would try pads first and see how you go. I've the same problem, DA on my summer bike which are awesome and Tiagra on winter bike which is pretty poor. Decent pads made the winter bike just about where I wanted it, but you won't get the same breaking power on cheaper groupsets.
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