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A week in Spain

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I just wanted to share this with you all please take time to read it, it could be beneficial to somebody you know;

Unfortunatley my wife has been diagnosed with secondary breast cancer, her consultant has told her the chances of any "conventional" treatment working are quite remote as she has been on chemo for 18 months and has seen progression in the disease every month. She started to look for alternative treatments to stave off the progression and if possible regres the disease. Whilst browsing on the internet she came across a retreat in Benissa, Spain called Obsidean
Unfortunately she was unable to travel here earlier in the year as her health was so bad, luckily her health improved and we managed to go for 1 week in October, Obsidean have had unbelievable results with people with type 2 Diabetes, if they stick to the regime of diet and exercise they have managed to stay off medication. They also work with people with cancer hence the reason for our trip.
On arrival at Obsidean you're weight, height,viceral fat levels and metabolic age are taken amongst other measurements. You also have a chat with a coach to work out your plan etc. I must say at this point I went along to support my wife and I'm ashamed to say I was very sceptical about the claims made about changing your lifestyle their moto being "There is another way".

My wife said I could take my bike along :D and whilst she was having treatments and doing classes, I managed to get a couple of hours in each day on the bike the area was stunning the roads were amazing and well worth a cycling holiday there. I was concerned I wouldn't get enough nutrition as the diet is based on juicing, salads, and is basically a vegan diet. My diet was adjusted accordingly and I never felt under nourished.

The staff at Obsidean could not do enough for any of the guests staying there and the attention, support and encouragement offered to everybody at the retreat was second to none, every member of staff from the reception to the maids were kind, attentive and genuinely were happy to work there.

At the end of a very busy week my wife had lost 7lbs (not the main reason for our visit) and lost 4" off her waist and came away with a determination to continue with the diet and was looking forward the future and to fighting off cancer as long as she can. For me I lost 5lbs still the same height 6"2 :lol: and my metabolical age went down from 41 when I first got there to 35 when I left (I'm 50).

To say I'm converted is an understatement, we have continued with the juicing and vegan diet and I can honestly say I haven't missed eating meat.

So if you are wanting to lose weight for medical or personal reasons and want to change your lifestyle, get fitter and healthier, take a look at their web site. I sincerley hope you feel more enlightened and your life is enriched by visiting Obsidean

One other thing my wife has also fulfilled a life long ambition to record a song which will be released on i tunes very shortly her FB page is here follow her story and please share and like her page.

If you have managed to get this far thank you for taking the time to read this. As I said at the begining it may beneficial to you or somebody you love.


  • I'll stick with my meat.
    MADONE 5.2
  • sounds good and hope all goes well with the wife. Ive got two parents with it at the moment horrible isnt it. good luck and stay positive.
  • Thanks, yeah it's been an emotional few years but we're both there for each other, I can't praise the work at Obsidean enough, if your parents are fit enough to go there it's well worth it.
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