First Ride on new GT GTR Series 3

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Well actually first ride ever on a road bike! Did some MB about 15 years ago and I pootle around on my hybrid with the 6 year old. This however was awesome, why did I wait so long, sadly I'm not as fast as the bike, the difference vs the hybrid is amazing, not only in speed but also the handling. The only way I can describe it is the difference between my old Audi -TT and the family Volvo :D
Confession, I've had the bike for 2+ weeks now and not managed to get out on it before today, I've spent many hours however fitting it to me and although I only did a short 5 mile tester today it feels really comfortable.
Sadly also experienced my first brush with Mr Ignorant Car Driver, my right of way past some parked cars, he could see me quite clearly but still decided to come on through then got the hump because I wouldn't ride in the gutter so he could squeeze by.
Looking forward to tomorrow.
GT GTR Series 3
Hard pounding, gentlemen. Let's see who pounds the longest.
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    well done,now you,ve finally started keep it going and just enjoy your bike.
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