will a turbo trainer annoy my neighbour downstairs?!

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i'm thinking of getting a turbo trianer for the winter, but i live in a first floor flat, would it be really noisey for the guy downstairs?

are any better for quietness (is that a word?) than others?

also if anyone has any recommendations for the actual turbo trainer to get that'd be great too!
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    http://www.wiggle.co.uk/elite-crono-flu ... l-trainer/

    Brilliant. As I said before my bike's gearset makes much more noise than this. Really smooth, oil resistance as well so you change resistance using your bike's gears. Very good.

    Also, to the person who said you can't stand up and sprint on them, you can.

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  • But it'll still be noisy - don;t be fooled as you cannot dampen down 100% of the harmonics no matter how many layers of carpet, rubber, wood and foam you put on the floor. It may not be bad but its what the folks downstairs think that matters.
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    Mine can't hear my turno at all over Slayer.
  • Id suggest a roller, more fun and not as hard as people make out. quieter to.
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    If you buy rollers get aluminium ones, certainly not Tacx Antares as they make a right racket
  • Turbo's can be very noisy. I use mine in the garage and Mrs DeltaOneSeven has to turn the tv upto 17 to drown out the noise
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    Yes it's a bit noisy and yes the guy downstairs will be able to hear it. Just put a mat underneath the turbo, sorted.
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    What type of flat? timber frame, converted house? or concrete floors?
  • This is what you need. Who said rollers can't provide variable resistance...
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    Does your washing machine on spin cycle annoy the neighbours? It's similar to that.
  • I live on the top floor of a two story house with old fashioned thin wooden floors covered in underlay and carpet. I’ve got the turbo in the spare room sitting on a rug, on a 60cm x 60cm x 5cm paving slab I bought from B&Q and this will also have a rubber mat added when I find one I like. It’s the vibration of the turbo that will drive your neighbour mad. The slab pretty much cancels mine out.
  • no.