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hi im new to the site and looking for my first road bike. i currently have a hybrid which im using more often and cycling a little further and having tried a mates road bike i much prefer it.

im looking at spending around £700 i think and have been offered a condor squadra from someone on the site which falls within my budget which i quite like. does anyone have experience of either the brand or the model itself and could advise of if it is a decent bike or not?




  • I own one and love it. Tough, stiff frame which should last for ages and it's plenty good enough for racing.
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    I've got a Squadra - if it is the old one (ie scandium main triangle, carbon rear triangle and forks), I have used it for JOGLE, racing, doing the 100 greatest cycling climbs, the lot. I love it. Condor is a good brand and the Squadra is a good bike. What's the groupset etc on it - because that is the most important factor - the bike is defo good enough.
  • Thanks. It's a 2010 model with ultagra groupset
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    Make sure it's the right size for you and check there are no problems/ defects, esp with the frame. If yes, then it's a very good bike with a decent groupset and excellent value for money.

    If you buy it, might be an idea to ask Condor if they will run a bike fit for you - they may charge but it would be worth ensuring the bike is set up for your shape from the off.

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    +1 - as long as it fits and the groupset isn't very tired, that'll be a pretty good deal. Pretty much half price (depending on wheels) that you'd pay at Condor
  • Thanks all. Still very torn whether to go for the bike or to get a brand new bike. Looking st the sensa romagna as well but it is another 240 quid. Would I be better of with the condor even though its 2 years old or is the sensa as good
  • £700 for a Squadra with Ultegra is an absolute bargain as long as it's all in decent condition (seriously, new that's most of £2k of bike even with cheap finishing kit).

    You can even do an 'as new' price on the Condor website if you want to double check but I'd just have a good look for damage, test ride it for shifting quality (at 2 years old Ultegra should still be perfect) and have Condor service it some time soon (worth letting them know it's just been bought 2nd hand and asking for new cables, housing and bar tape so that you know it's spot on).

    Buy it before I do! :lol:
  • thanks mate. im still very un decided whether to go for the bike and take a risk that its in good condition or just spend 600 on something like a spec allez new