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with redundancy looming , would doing one of the short cycle maintenance courses advertised in the back of the cycling mags get me a job with the oiks in halfords bike hut ? if so what would the pay be like ?


  • lotus49
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    Before you splash out on a course when you can presumably least afford it, why not just get directly in touch with Halfords and ask them what sort of experience they require.

    The reputation of the bike staff in Halfords would rather suggest that they have usually had little or no training. Spending a couple of hours on bike radar will probably elevate you over a lot of the staff they already employ without spending any more money.
  • Surely any qualification in bike maintenance would preclude you from employment at halfords ?

    And minimum wage I imagine.

    Answers what you expected no doubt ?
  • i actually did think that you would need some sort of qualification before touching a bike ? health and safety and all that ? must be above minimum wage due to weekends bankholidays worked ?
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    Minimum wage. Maybe a bit more if you have experience in the sector. Won't go up more than a couple quid if you move up to the highest rank. (below manager)

    You don't really need to go through that course, if you can prove to them why you're a better person to employ rather than some tosser in there, then you should get the job. Which isn't too hard if you think about it. :)

    I got in without any experience in retail so there you go.