It's Friday - so the hell not.`

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OK so I am diabetic - no biggey have been for 30 years now. So generally I inject in my thigh - drop my pants and stick the needle in.

Today I went into the disabled toilet - for some reason no toilet cover therefore no place to sit - being a fast thinker I decided to sit on the edge of the sink (you need to sit as it relaxes your thigh muscle and help the needle go in easier). Not this friggin sink - damn thing had once of those new fangle automatic taps that when you put you hands in front of the tap it starts running - this tap obviously though my ar$e was a pair of hands - I know have a seriously wet shirt tail, boxers and ar$e. Sitting at my desk is not overly comfortable right now - time to change into my cycling gear I think.


  • could of been worse, the sink might of come off the wall, burst pipe and you wet all over !!!!!!!!!!!
  • That's definitley not what they mean by 'that Friday feeling'...
    Hills are like half life - they wait until you're 50% recovered from one before hitting you in the face with the next.