Purchasing new wheels

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At present, I am using stock wheels for my Specialized tarmac. they are Swiss DT Axis but I don't rate them in the slightest (at least in terms of asthetics). After consulting one cyclist specialist, he advised me that purchasing a wheelset for approximately 500/600 pound would be an unworthy purchase. Of course, apart from the frame the wheels are probably the highest priced bike components out there which is why I want to invest in wheels where the difference is noticable. Looking to compete in the near future so any suggestions would be welcomed



  • I think 300 will get you on the right track.

    For 600 you can purchase a set with top of the range hubs (Dura Ace, Chris King and the likes) or a set with some plastic... (ehm, carbon) rims which most see as an aesthetically pleasing upgrade... no need to highlight where I stand... :wink:
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