converting a H3 positioned bike to H2

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Hi guysI bought a 2013 trek madone 2.1 this morning and didnt notice it had a H3 positioning wich is the highest compared to H2 and H1. Can i convert it to a H2 and what exactly do i have to change? Is it only the stem or is it the headset or is the whole frame designed differently on each "H#" ?

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    Expect it's to do with the length of the frame headtube which you can't change. If you have spacers fitted under your stem, you could remove these, perhaps fitting a lower headset top cover as well as inverting your stem to lower your handlebar height - depends on your present arrangement.
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  • The H3 Madone has a longer headtube and a shorter top tube . As mentioned above you could play around with stem lengths and angles to alter the position. Can you not change it for an H2 frame ?