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iam looking to buy some bib tights but i have short legs as iam only 5ft 4in inside leg is 29" altura night vision to long even the ones from aldi and lusso.can you help with this :P


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    I have a pair of dhb aeron bib shorts, I'm also 5'4 with about a 28" inside leg.
    edit: in small of course :P
  • Blimey you must have REALLY short legs if you use bib shorts as bib tights???

    Or do your socks come up really high?
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    :oops: it should have been bib long not shorts
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    Sorry :P but I assume the dhb bib tights will be good at small :)
  • I gave up on trying to find bib tights to fit my long body short legs. I now use roubaix lined bib shorts and leg warmers. This also gives you a multi season set up as the leg warmers can come off in spring/autumn.
  • You should be able to cut/trim the length of the lusso tights ( I did ) without any unravelling
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  • Just get them adjusted - my legs are not quite as short as yours but my midriff :) requires slightly larger bib longs.

    My wife does mine however there is a young guy who specialises in sorting out bib longs - he lives in Guildford but I can't remember his name at the moment.
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    how did you manage to short them with hte stirupps on :?:
  • I have a 29" inside leg too and am 5' 10" and a porker to boot meaning I have to buy large sizes. I tend to find that I have a small roll of excess fabric just above the knee. It's not uncomfortable but it doesn't look very elegant, however as I look a sight in lycra anyway it doesn't bother me.

    The REAL issue though is how do you go to the lav in bib tights without a front zip?
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    The REAL issue though is how do you go to the lav in bib tights without a front zip?
    This is the only bit that worries me, it's not gonna be the work of a moment that's for sure :lol:
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  • any good dry cleaners will adjust them for you for very little cost.