Carrera Detonate

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Hi all,

Anyone got experience of the Carrera Detonate FS kids bike?

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I suspect the rear shock is possibly next to useless and just adds weight, but I'd like to be wrong as I can get a 2nd had one reasonably cheaply.



  • My son has a Blast, and its a good bike, well made and of decent quality, possibly not put together brilliantly by the local Halfords, so worth checking over, esp the bottom bracket! The grip shift are a PITA and were relaced with X3 shifters. The Blast is 7sp + Front Suspension + V-Brakes, its not lightest bike, but not the heaviest. We have also replaced the pedals as the pastic ones were slippery, and replaced the tyres due to repeat punctures.

    If the Detonate has Full Suspension, Disc + 24sp I reckon it could be a quite a heavy beast, better than some cheap supermarket trash, but still heavy.