Are Park Pre-glued Patches a Permanent Repair?

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Just interested as I'm familiar with the old vulcanising glue and patch solution but have some of these pre-glued ones and wanted to confirm they are effective as a permanent repair.


  • Seem to be on my MTB, not sure whether they'd cope with the pressures on a road bike.
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  • Caller
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    They've been pretty permanent repairs on my MTB and road tubes!
    The only patches I've had fail were Knog ones....
  • thistle_
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    I had a pre glued patch lift (unsure of the brand) and start to leak again after a few years. Not permanent but pretty good going.
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    Yep they are for me on the mtg, those topeak ones are terrible on the other hand!
  • rolf_f
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    Not reliably. They have completely different properties to the rubber itself. I did manage to get one last several years until the tube punctured elsewhere. Once the tyre deflated the rubber lifted from the patch which was less stretchy than the tube. If I'd had to fix the tube whilst on a ride, that would have been very irritating.

    Proper patches are effectively welded to the tube and make the inner tube stronger at that point - I've never had one fail. And they don't take any usefully longer time to put on (seeing as you are fixing the patch at home whilst making a cup of tea :wink: )

    That puncture now has a proper patch on it.
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    ive found the cooler the weather the more possibility of the patch lifting

    in the summer they are permanent

    winter, not so much
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  • yeah, i've had mixed success with them and now dont use them. At first i though they were wicked, i actually bought them because they were the cheapest patches in the shop and i needed a quick fix, they worked great and i wrote off trad patches. i live in london so get a decent amount of punctures, and at the time my tyres were pretty bare. soon enough i'd notice little bubbles forming just at the hole, and these would slowly find their way out, then you pull the patch off and you cant really put a new one over where it was. Aslo if you get a puncture on a bit of the tube that is lumpy, like ribbed or whatever, they work even less well...

    stick with old school patches i'd say.

    on a side note however, i did read in a parktool book that part of what makes the patches work or fail is the tyre size, with the pressure from the tyre pushing the patch down onto the tube keeping it in place, so if you are using tubes that are ideal for smaller tyres they will work less well. probably if used correctly they work well, but i'm by nature a bit of a bodger and the deflate inflate of regular punctures surely doesn't help either.
  • yakk
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    They kept things okay for a while, but then failed on me by letting out air slowly. Now just carry them for an emergency when I've used my spare tubes.