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Hi all,

Having fallen out of love with mountain biking and in love with the idea of road cycling I recently sold the MTB and bought a Specialized Langster (don't ask me why, perhaps the OCD convinced me that one gear was all I needed!).

So do you have any tips or general advice for fixed wheel riding and road cycling in general? I went out briefly last night and slowing down or stopping at junctions was pretty terrifyng!

Note my only previous experience riding fixed was a single taster session at Manchester Velodrome!



  • Don't ride like you're on the track, use your brakes. You might sometimes need to turn to steer as well.
    Don't take your feet off the pedals when you're moving.
    Don't wear skinny jeans and v neck t-shirt.

    That's about it really.
  • I was a bit unsure about the fixed gear thing but got to admit it was great fun just going out for a quick 30 minute spin. Really focuses your mind!

    I haven't bought in to the whole hipster thing so no skinny jeans for me!
  • Where abouts in Yorkshire are you? Is it hilly? What gearing is it on your bike?
  • I am in Bingley in the Aire Valley so there are hills if I need them! Gearing is 19/48 or 20/48
  • When I first bought my Langster I left it on Freewheel for teh first couple of weeks and mentally just tried to remember never to actually freewheel, especially when slowing down for junctions.

    Once I switched to the fixed wheel it wasn't so bad.

    Still have teh odd forgetful moment after a season on the normal bike though
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    Keep on riding it and it will soon feel totally normal.
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