Garmin Edge 800 - any superusers out there?

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I have a garmin edge 800.

I have planned loads of routes on it and sometimes when i start riding the route i realsied i forgot to turn the "turn guidance" to on. I review the route and turn it to on but once I have done this the turn guidance never actually comes on.

Is there a reason for i doing something wrong or do you think the garmin is nackered?



  • drlodge
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    I *think* you need to turn guidance on before you select the route. Have you tried cancelling the route, turning guidance on, then selecting the route again?
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  • also, if you select start from beginning of route when it prompts, it will to guide you back to the start and wont utilise turn by turn. start it from current location and this should enable your turns.

    also make sure your routes are gpx format too: checkout this: some good tips