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Rockhopper Pro

Bandm4teBandm4te Posts: 6
edited November 2012 in Your mountain bikes
My new bike after 1 summer season of riding and still going strong. Upgraded with Shimano M530 spd pedals for trail riding and DMR V8's for fooling around and Syncros BHT 2,35" tyres for these technical Finnish forest trails with lots of roots and rocks. The season goes on with temperatures now on 1-10 degrees Celsius and dropping :).

Those tyres I bought from a discount for 1 euros each. Dont know if they are really any good but after couple of rides they are better than the original tyres. Maybe later on I'll buy Maxxis supertackys or Nevegal Sticky-E tyres for better quality and grip.





  • RiggaRigga Posts: 939
    Quite like the colour scheme and those tyres what a bargain!
  • Yeah I went to a local bike store and saw these on a clearance sale, they were the last ones left and I thought that good or bad, it's just 2 euros :). And in that picture the rear tyre is installed wrong way around (rolling direction). I hate when I forget that when changing the tyres from time to time.
  • Nice bike. I am a fan of Spesh to be fair so am biased!
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