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What would you expect?

harrydaisyharrydaisy Posts: 131
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Had a crash last weekend, not too serious but destroyed a pair of decent Castillo bibs ( about 70 quid ).

The fella I was out with caused crash, he was behind me and as he was putting bottle away he caught my back wheel and bought us both down.

I have no real problem, it's one of those thing, but he has offered to buy me a new pair of bibs, should I accept?
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  • TakeTurnsTakeTurns Posts: 1,075
    What do you mean caught your back wheel? Was your Q/R lever sticking out? If so, that's kinda 50/50

    I'd accept. A while back a club member clumsily stopped while everyone was about to set off from a roundabout, it caused me to go into the back of him. He offered to pay 1/2 of cost to damage. Sounded fair enough since I don't entirely blame him for the accident. However it was only cosmetic and the bike is in a landfill somewhere now after I wrecked it in a crash. :)
  • smidsysmidsy Posts: 5,273
    Riding with others does involve some risk and everyone there should know and accept that.

    My expectations differ if its was unavoidable (something external to the group makes them change line or suddenly brake etc.) or a genuine mistake (purely misjudged it) rather than an act of utter stupidity.

    Which one you feel it falls into is of course subjective.

    It's up to you what you think but in that instance I would chalk it up to one of them things - unless he is a knob, in which case new shorts 8)
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  • lotus49lotus49 Posts: 763
    He probably feels pretty embarrassed and accepting graciously would help to assuage his guilt. I would say that I understand that accidents happen but thank you and yes please.
  • hipshothipshot Posts: 371
    Sounds like a genuine misjudgement and it's good that he offered.

    I would thank him, but refuse.
  • nweststeynnweststeyn Posts: 1,574
    I would not accept... but I ride with friends and hope that we all have an understanding of each other and wouldn't hold accidents against each other.
  • Ask yourself this question. Would you have offerered to buy him a new pair of shorts if you had caused the crash. Also, how would you have felt if he had said yes. It sounds to me as though it was a genuine accident that could have happened to any of us. I would thank him for the offer and say no.
  • Boy LardBoy Lard Posts: 445
    Can you reasonably afford to replace the shorts yourself? I have a young family and lots of out goings and would have to wait till I could afford it to replace the shorts. If this is the case for you, then let him replace them. If you have plenty of spare cash and £70 isn't going to make a difference to you, say thank you, but buy your own shorts.
  • Call the National Accident Helpline and then get over the hospital to get that whiplash seen to 8)

    Alright I'll get me coat :oops:

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  • Call the National Accident Helpline and then get over the hospital to get that whiplash seen to 8)

    Alright I'll get me coat :oops:


    Lots of new shorts that way :lol:
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