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Help with pain caused from cycling

NITR8sNITR8s Posts: 688
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I get a dull ache inbetween my left shoulder and spine after about an hour of cycling. i have tried various things such as buying a new bike and having it fitted by lbs. seeing if i would adjust by giving it time. resting it etc etc.

i decided it was time to speak to my doctor but he just thobed me off by saying i need to see a sports therpist. which is prob right but that is something i have 2 pay for.

Ive noticed it seems to be aggrevated by lowing my head with my neck. before i go spend my money for a sports therpist does anyone have any advice that might help.


  • Stretch, warm up, before you ride and after you have been riding, stretch out your neck, spine and lower back after you finish.

    And don't slump in front of the Tv afterwards, remaining motionless for ages.
  • SproolSprool Posts: 1,022
    i think the sports therapist is a must, dont invite comment from non-qualified enthusiasts, its not possible to give you the answer you deserve from just a couple of paragraphs description.
    Do not take short cuts with back pain, get thee down to a qualified practitioner!
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