Ass saver

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Ass Saver
Has anyone tried it? is it worth buying, I think it's about £5


  • zx6man
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    Got full mudgaurds which tends to do this biz and keep rest of bike quite clean too, but maybe worth a shot at a fiver anyways.
  • bompington
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  • GSJ
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    bompington wrote:
    Not quite :P
  • I have one, I have full guards now though.

    It was ok it didn't stop all the crap spraying up my back but was better than nothing its very light it looks odd on the bike and you cant use a saddle bag with one.
  • RedAende
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    I've just fitted one, Selle X1 saddle and also got medium saddle bag fitted. Had to take saddle bag of first though.

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  • cougie
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    I bought one and the bike hasn't been out in the rain since i got it - so its a lucky charm. Well worth the lovely summer we've had.