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iPhone Bike SatNav

Nickolarse74Nickolarse74 Posts: 60
edited October 2012 in Road buying advice
Can somebody recommend a bike satnav app for my iPhone ? I want to be able to plot a course in advance (on say Google maps), drag it into my iPhone and get "turn right, turn left" directions around the course.

Ideally, I'd like an app that preloads the maps to the phone, thus saving the battery cost of data transfer.

I have seen Motion-X GPS advertised, however it works on Apple's new map system which I do not trust (yet).

Currently I have Garmin Fit, which is great for tracking, speed, elevation, calories etc. but there is no way to drag a course from Garmin Connect website into the iPhone.

I did try a Garmin Edge 800 (free loan) at the Surrey Downs 100 UKCE, but the rep told me it did not have a TomTom style route guide application. Having spoken to others that own 800's, I now realise this was incorrect and suspect that the rep didn't know about satnav mode. Regardless, as I have a GPS chip in the iPhone, and I can add an iPhone dongle if I ever decide to get HRM / cadence, it seems pointless spending 350 plus on a Garmin Edge 800 just for bike satnav if there's already an iPhone app available.

Thanks in advance.


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