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Shipping a bicycle frame considered high risk

skyblue337skyblue337 Posts: 135
edited October 2012 in Road general

I'm trying to ship my steel frame back to Enigma for repainting but had my courier (Interparcel standard by UPS) collection cancelled because they refuse to carry bikes and frames. All the other services they offer stipulate that shipping is at your own risk and no additional insurance will be honoured. It seems bizarre to me that I could ship expensive and delicate hi-fi but not a bike frame? Any advice on a courier to use?



  • g00seg00se Posts: 2,221
    You could try contacting Enigma and see if they have a returns service you could use - and have them charge you the cost as part of the invoice? They certainly should be able to tell you the courier they use.
  • Good idea. It seems Parcelforce don't have the same prohibitions and to be fair they've always been fine when I've sent stuff with them before. Just a little expensive when you whack the insurance on.

    To give Interparcel some credit they were very quick to notify me of the issue and to refund me.
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