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Hello All

I have recently started using SPD-SL pedals and cleats. All seems OK, apart from a discomfort on the outside of my right foot. It feels as though I am pedaling with the outside of my foot. I assume this is something to do with cleat position, but I am not sure which way I should move it. Does anyone have any ideas?



  • It is more likely that you are tightening your shoes too much.

    Try and rest your feet for a couple of days then wear your shoes a bit looser and see how that works!
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    It could well be cleat position. The problem with cycling shoes is that manufacturers have to make certain assumptions about the shape of your foot. I have very wide feet, so end up buying bigger shoes, which means cleat position can be further forward than it should be.

    Other thing is cleat angle.

    Overtightening shoes is another factor.
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    I had a very similar problem when I first got my shoes.

    As others have suggested above the pain did get worse when I made the tight my already narrow Mavic's too much, but even when they were loose I was still in a far bit of discomfort. I also supinate slightly - more so on my right foot - so I did some research and bought some Specialized bg insoles, and hey presto the pain was gone. You need to find the right insole to match your the arch of your feet (there are 3 choices), and then use the shims (probably valgus in your case) to add a extra support to the outside/inside of the foot thus keeping your knee and foot in line on the pedal stroke.

    Much like buying a saddle they may or may not work for you, but they did for me.
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    It could be any or all of the below

    insufficient arch support so you are only applying force with your outer foot (likely) - check out esole footbeds. Spesh are okay but not that great, but depends how high your arches are
    Shoes too narrow (likely)- wider shoes include Sidi, bont, lake
    a cleat or heel wedge
    too much toe in / not enough heel out