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Decathlon bikes. 2 in particular

naffanaffa Posts: 126
edited October 2012 in MTB buying advice
Popped into my local Decathlon today to buy some clothing but had a browse of their bikes too.
Couldn't help but notice their 29er the big rr 5.3 @ £349 and their new full sus which isn't on their website yet @ £499

Just wondering whether anyone knew how these bikes rode? I realise the spec of the 29er isn't gonna set the world on fire and I cant find any spec on the other model I saw but for £499 it looked great.

Hopefully they represent the usual Decathlon vfm.
Cheers Nathan.


  • larkimlarkim Posts: 2,473
    I recently bought the Big RR 5.3, but I'm no expert in these matters. I took the view that as the 26 inch 5.3 got the "best buy" type recommendation at the £300 price point, the 29er 5.3 (which has the same component specs in terms of drive train, brakes, front sus etc) would also represent good vfm. I wanted a 29er for some illogical reasons to do with using the bike as something of a hybrid (I'm a dad of four boys, actually getting properly technical off-road is highly unlikely at the moment other than perhaps a couple of times per year at Llandegla) which I can put road tyres onto. Working on the basis that a) the debate is balanced as to whether 29ers are better / equally as good / worse compared to 26 inch bikes off road and b) almost all road / hybrid bikes are effectivey 29ers it seemed to me that the bike represented a good option.

    I've been happy with everything so far. Pedals go round, gears change, brakes stop things. It feels comfortable, but the furthest I've been so far is about 3 miles on the road (time has been an issue!).

    Someone else has mentioned that the front lockout isn't quite as "solid" as they'd like - I can sort of echo that thought, in that there is perhaps a mm of movement when locked out, but it doesn't seem like a proper issue to me (certainly not one that a rider of my abilities / background / miles is likely to be bothered with).

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  • The 29er looks ok to me for the money. I think its a really good starter bike for a 29er at that money. I wouldnt bother with the FS though.
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