Building a TT frameset for Road Racing?

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Hi all,

As per title really- I recently bought a Rixon TT frame and had decided that I would build up a specific TT bike for next season. However, I've realised I need to get my priorities right and build a race bike first. So, this then leaves me with a good TT frameset with no use whilst I search the classifieds for a good race frame.

This got me wondering- is a TT frame, built with suitable components (Ultegra/DA), good enough for road and crit racing?
Here's the basic geometry;

Seat Tube- 50cm
Top tube-50cm

Same frame (and size) as mine but different colour;

What do you think?
Thanks in advance :)


  • If you built it up with roughly befitting components I can't see any reason why not. I'd worry much more about whether or not you are than about the componentry.
  • Monty Dog
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    50cm TT is quite short, so make sure you can get a decent position with road bars and you're not having to run a really long stem.
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
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    Likely that the seat and head tube angles are a bit steep as well isn't it (as well as a short head tube)?

    Not sure what the impact of the geometry will be on handling but I would start by getting the saddle in the right position (fore-aft) so that your knee is over the pedal axle with the cranks horisontal. If you can do that I'd imagine you can make it work out. I suspect you won't be able to get the saddle far enough back (but that will depend on your body shape).
  • Ron Stuart
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    From what I have heard most TT frames do not handle anything like a road race frame and you could therefore become a public liability in a bunch, especially descents, corners and wet :x