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Wheels 19st

wishitwasallflatwishitwasallflat Posts: 2,927
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Thinking of treating myself to some new handbuilt wheels - I am 19st, ride about 100-120 miles per week (commuting and pleasure) and my average speed is around 15-15.75 mph on those 40-50 mile runs (most runs are about 40 commute is 41 round trip). I only have one bike so its all year bike I'm afraid.

Strada suggested - Archetype rims, 36 holes 105 hubs (Shim/Sram freehub), double butted spokes for about £175 for the Rear and £120 or so Front today (exact price tomorrow when they check on exact cost make of spokes).

Does that sound a good wheel for me and a decent price?

Also (if I do it) this will need to be part funded by my selling on my current wheelset - Mavic Open Sport rims, 105 hubs (Shim/Sram freehub), 32 hole done only 350 miles but in wet and dry. What do you think would be a reasonable price for that set?


  • Sorry about the short reply but this is from my phone!
    Google harry Rowland.
    I have a set of his wheels, im the far side of 16st and have had no probs in years of use. The price you quoted from strada sounded dead toppy to me. Id be thinking high 2's max!
  • Sorry just seen your price for wheels again. As you can guess from my first reply....its not that far out. Just riding along seem quite cheap although I've not used them but harry r wheels are tough.
  • Thanks will ring Harry R tomorrow to see what they suggest.
  • mallorcajeffmallorcajeff Posts: 1,489
    also derrek at wheelsmith has a very good reputation
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