Is it worth doing? (Wilier Izoard xp)

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I talked my brother into getting a bike to join me on rides as he was looking into keeping his fitness up since getting loads of injuries playing football now he is getting old (37 years old retiring pro).

He went out and got a Wiler Izoard XP 2012 model with Campag veloce. He rode it 3 times and didnt "gel" with road cycling. This bike has now sat in my garage for 6 months totally un used.

Do you think its worth spending some money on to upgrade the equipment and wheels and make into a sweet bike?

He only wants £600 for it which is over half of what he paid 8 months ago and is absolutely brand new condition.

Basically would it be wasted money where I could spend somewhere else?


  • Joeblack
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    Depends really,

    If your going to spend the £600 on hookers and drugs (to use with said hookers) then I'd say no,

    However if your going to spend the money on binoculars so you can go bird watching on Xmas day then I'd say yes buy the bike

    Hope that helps
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  • I think you should remember this bike was a bike of the year contender this year on many bike review websites including this one. If I were you the only logical upgrades would be wheels and tyres!