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Conti Gatorskin Hardshell - any good

small_blokesmall_bloke Posts: 222
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Hi, anybody using Continental Gatorskin Hardshell?
Required for commuting on hybrid flat bar. Currently using Specialized Armadillos 700 x 23c which are quite heavy and feel quite slippery in the damp. I think the Spesh are 400g per tyre.

Conti Gator Hardshell 700 x 25c rigid = 330g
Conti Gator Hardshell 700 x 25c folding = 270g

Wiggle are selling rigid for about £25 at the moment. ... road-tyre/

I know its not all about grams, but I really hate the feel of Spesh Armadillos - old wooden cart wheels come to mind.

I'm thinking of buying the folding Conti Gator Hardshell 700 x 25c (rather than wire bead) as it might be easier to get on the rim as well? (think cold hands). More money though at £31 per tyre.

Would appreciate your thoughts.


  • got those very same tires - excellent, easy to put on too, and give good grip (as good as any 25 would) - no punctures and i do road-gravel-towpath-glass littered cycle path etc.etc.
    (TOUCH WOOD) :)
  • rrsodlrrsodl Posts: 486
    I have them in my single speed and I like them. Plenty of grip, roll very well and no punctures in over 1500 miles.
  • I've just ordered some to stick on my road bike for winter. Hope they're as good as I've heard.
  • Theyvarw thw beat tyres I have owned so far for commuting. Nice and grippy and feel really stable even in wet
    conditions. Worth every penny.
  • Been using them for years with virtually no p*******s over thousands of miles. There may be gripper tyres (eg Conti 4-seasons or GP4000) but for a reliable p*******-free life I will not be changing my brand loyalty any time soon.
  • alidafalidaf Posts: 147
    I put some on my bike last week and they seem to be holding up. I've gone from 23mm on my slicks to 25mm on these and I feel the weight difference but am a little more reassured riding around the unlit sections of my commute, where I really can't see the road too far ahead, and the road surfaces around here are shockingly bad.
  • passoutpassout Posts: 4,425
    Sorry but I don't like them. They last very well, roll OK and offer puncture protection but I find them too slippery when cornering in the wet. I changed back to Michelin (Krylions), much better. Look at the new Pro Race 4s - there's a new longer lasting version.
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  • gbsahne001gbsahne001 Posts: 1,973
    4th puncture from new (June), about 3000 miles on the hybrid: 700 x 28, have now swapped it with a Conti Top Contact Winter tyre for the next few months and will then have to think about whether I put it back on or find an alternative to it/
  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 10,453
    Use both without any problems, Gators on my road bike and Spesh on my hybrid. Spesh a bit softer and need glass and stuff picking out of rubber occasionally. Not had to do this on the gators yet.
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