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where to shop for forks with a 1.5 steerer...

roliusprimeroliusprime Posts: 30
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Hi there

First up apologies if this has been covered already - I had a search through the forums though and couldn't spot a definitive answer.

I'm thinking of upgrading the forks on my Cannondale in the new year to something quite a bit better. However I'm having trouble finding stockists of forks with a 1.5 steerers which my SL3 frame with its 1.5 head tube needs.

So 2 main questions

1. can anyone recommend a store in the UK that has a good range of forks with the 1.5 steerer

2. I've been told I could install an adapter in the headset and run a fork with an 1 1/8 steerer - is this advisable and how easy an upgrade are we talking if it is?

Thanks for your help and apologies for the naivety!!




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    Probably better to say which forks you are interested in and then try to locate them.

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  • EH_RobEH_Rob Posts: 1,134
    Alright, I had an SL3 until recently and put a Reba with a 1 1/8 steerer on it. I used a Hope step down headset, though other headset manufacturers do similar things. It's a replacement headset that basically makes the hole smaller.

    Here they are: ... -cups.html

    I got LBS to fit it for me.

    Depending on what fork you want, you can either go 1 1/8 or tapered steerer (this will influence which of those headsets I linked to you'll need). The 1 1/8 was fine for me. Also, you'll be limited to 9mm QR unless you change the front wheel, as the Formula hubs I assume you have do not convert to any other standard.

    You'll also need a new stem.

    Don't waste your time looking for 1.5" steerer forks - they're pretty uncommon, expensive and heavier.

    And good luck getting rid of the RST fork you currently have - I still have mine, and use it as a doorstop.
  • Hey sorry for the slow reply - but thanks very much for the advice! Good to know that I can essentially buy whichever fork I like the look of as long as I fit the right headset!

    So its not dodgy in anyway stepping the size down? Am I losing any benefits over getting a 1.5 size fork?

    Had to laugh at your RST comment - it really is pants - at least the lockout works though and I can turn the thing off!

    Thanks again

  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,756
    So its not dodgy in anyway stepping the size down? Am I losing any benefits over getting a 1.5 size fork?
    Not compared to loosing the RST fork!

    In theory the 1.5" is stiffer than those with smaller diameters, in reality the benefit versus tapered is very small (which is why tapered is so common), however as the rest of your forks are pants almost anything will be stiffer than them!
  • EH_RobEH_Rob Posts: 1,134
    Those forks aren't actually that bad - they work ok, it's just that they weigh more than a set of 160mm Fox 36s. Which for an 100mm XC fork isn't ideal!

    You won't notice any difference stepping down to 1 1/8. Have you decided what fork you're going to get? I can heartily recommend Rebas - I ran mine at 120mm and they were excellent.
  • bartimaeusbartimaeus Posts: 1,812
    If you go tapered steerer - supposedly giving you more stiffness for little more weight, and at the cost of the reducer - then there are usually plenty of options e.g. some 100mm Rebas from On-One for £250
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  • tapered seems to be the emerging standard

    echoing the other comments, whatever fork you get (1.1/8, taper, 1.5), there will be an headset to make it fit
  • OJSOJS Posts: 130
    Just be careful if going down the step down route on a Cannondale. If the headtube is the SI version (system integrated - should say at the top of the top tube if it is) you wont be able to fit a standard reducer headset as the headtube is actually slightly bigger on those versions. For those ones you need to order a Cannondale specific headset reducer - part KP058 if I remember correctly - they are hard to get hold of but QWERTY cycles have them.

    The Trail SL might not have that headtube though so you may be ok with the standard reducer that Hope, FSA etc do. I know the RZ 120 needs the specific reducer as I had one and changed the forks to a 1 1/8 steerer and had to return the Hope reducer I bought and get the Cannondale reducer.

    Just a heads up so you don't waste any money. By the way QWERTY are great for all Cannondale spares.

    Worth checking CRC for some 1.5 forks though as well - They did have some FOX F120 FIT on there a while back for £280 and some Rock Shox Recon Race for around £150.
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