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Totally Titilating Tuesday Thread

sanchez89sanchez89 Posts: 567
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Good Moaning geeks,

Yesterday went surprisingly quickly, which unfortuantly means today will probably drag like a censored . This does not please me.

In other news, watched the Derren Brown Apocalypse thing from friday last night. Wow. That steve bloke must be cacking his pants. He didn't know what to do with his mouth most of the way through.
Looking forward to the final part this week

Rock on girls and boys, enjoy it out there!!
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Clank wrote:
M'eh, I might just go back to zapping it with frikken lay-zur beeeems. And sharks.


  • Morning Losers!
    Quiet day in work, which was good as it meant I could have a good chat with the boss. All seems ok now. Hopefully.
    Minion was off yesterday to record with her band, and I'd completely forgotten! Today, she can pay for that.

    Tonight, I have the opportunity to go to Harrogate again, but I really don't know if I can be bothered. Free meal included, but I'm knackered and just want to sleep. Hmmm

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  • tlw1tlw1 Posts: 20,043
    Very tired today due to censored all sleep from work turning over and over in my head - especially censored when you realise I was there from 6:30 till 23:00 :( I love board reports (might be a lie)

    Today is a day off with the kids, which was moved from Friday yesterday morning to Wednesday, so the wife booked a hotel in Birmingham (take kids to museums) and then moved last night to today. I'm very popular at home!

    Bright side, bar spending a lot of money on clothes for the wife I'm going for a decent curry
  • oodboooodboo Posts: 2,177
    Back in work at stupid o'clock. Got loads to do and not much time to do it.
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  • ClankClank Posts: 2,323
    Mornin' window lickers,

    Today, I have to investigate why something cracked that shouldn't have - that's always good for chuckle. Owner of said part is glad it cracked when it did and not when we had the damn thing on test ('cos, like, everyone loves stuff disintegrating inside engines).

    Later, I may have to investigate why something didn't move in the way it was expected too. I have some ideas on that one.....

    Later, there may also even be bacons.

    Yeah, you heard me - baaaaaaaaacons.

    Ownards! To caffiene! And analysis! And fried piggymeats!
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  • welshkevwelshkev Posts: 9,690
    morning all,

    i'm in work now as i have loads of censored to sort out, then i have a 10.30 doctors appointment as i think i have an ear infection, man it hurts :x

    i bought a DH bike last night so i was hoping to get out for a play on that later..we'll see :D

  • angry_birdangry_bird Posts: 3,785
    Morning bumders

    Had a lovely lie-in this morning, then found out I have to be in uni early to collect some feedback thing, then a day of uni meh. Followed by more meh when I get home.

  • Morning homos,

    Still rocking the time-off. Been feeling great the last few days, smashing the back out of all my Strava PBs, off to do another one in a minute.

    Other than that, I have now discovered Minecraft. So if I vanish off the face of the planet for weeks on end, you'll know why.
  • Morning crotchsniffers,

    Been a massively huge length of time since I posted anything on here... a few injuries, a bit of surgery to rectify my snapped collarbone and only having one arm to use led to a huge feeling of meh for a few months...

    Looking forwards to getting back out on the bike though after having the all clear from the surgeon and just in time for my birthday as well, so I'll be hitting the trails (hopefully not as hard as when I broke myself) on that.

    In the meantime, today consists of redoing my CV so that I can start a huge career change, coffees in multiple amounts and lunchtime piggymeats.

    I've also fallen foul to the temptations of Minecraft and am gradually weaning myself off it so I can integrate myself back into society... be careful CWNT, it can and does ruin lives...
  • spongtasticspongtastic Posts: 2,651
    Morning Mongs!

    Yesterdays visit to Frenchland went well, with Battlewagon II accomodating 4 trolleys of wine, beer and food without problem. Problem is that we've now got a dining room full of wine, beer and food with nowhere to put it.

    Now back at work and wishing I was somewhere else.
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  • bg13bg13 Posts: 4,598
    good (late) morning you doofusses (doofi?)

    just been ragged at the physios, pain was had and not in a good way!

    only got fruit for lunch! how ghey is that!

    an afternoon of nowt as i'm the only one in!

    Loving life in rural SW France

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  • SgraySgray Posts: 79
    Afternoon all,

    Just got up after a nightish shift at work, hoping today won't be a 3 1/2 drive to work later. Gonna have a cup of tea and a dead pig sandwich :D
  • foxc_ukfoxc_uk Posts: 1,292
    Goodly Afterlubrious cruddles
    Today=No AOC+Drs+gig

    Tarrah a bit
  • Richie63Richie63 Posts: 2,132
    Afternoon All

    Not to bad in Sheffield today. Looking forward to night ride later - dragging Proutster along, will be good to see him again since Crudfest 2012.
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  • bennett_346bennett_346 Posts: 5,092
    Other than that, I have now discovered Minecraft. So if I vanish off the face of the planet for weeks on end, you'll know why.
    Uh oh, that thing is slowly sapping my time away from productiveness!

  • Over did it on skinny tyres this morning and hurting too much to ride fat ones this evening as planned.

    On the plus side founda new victualler of bacon (and associated products) at the Station Cafe in Alton.

    On the down side pedal apart on the way home so I had to do the return hill climbs on with one gear and one pedal.
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  • GazlarGazlar Posts: 8,084
    Allo scuttlers

    Enjoying being away in milford on week 1 off. Hopefully ill have bits to rebuild Amy with even i get back too.

    In the meantime its booze o clock

    Mountain biking is like sex.......more fun when someone else is getting hurt
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