Winter is here. Need new tyres

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Another tyre question (the other tyre posts seem to suggest slightly pansy tyres).

I bought a Specialized Enduro 6 months ago and absolutely love thrashing it down the mountain, had a great spring and summer and have no plans to put it away for the winter. However, I'm struggling for grip now that things have got wetter. Front end is washing out a bit...

I mainly ride trail centres (Afan and Cwmcarn) but do go 'walkabout' regularly. I want a nice chunky 2.3 dual-ply tyre that'll handle a bit of everything (mud, roots, rocks and maybe a cheeky uplift). Not interested in going tubeless.
I like going fast, jumps and drops.

2011 Specialized Enduro Comp
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    You don't really want dual ply tyres. You may think you do but you don't. Try some decent pansy ones, you may be surprised.
    Would also help to know what's on now.
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    Specialized Clutch Control 2.3 up front
    Specialized Purgatory Control 2.2 on the back
    2011 Specialized Enduro Comp
    2014 Boardman Hybrid Comp
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    Schwalbe Hans Dampf would fit the bill. Can be had for a decent price from ze germans.
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    +1 for HD's, although you're missing out not running them tubeless to ;)
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    I like the look of the HD. Was also considering running Minions...
    Tubeless sounds like a lot of hassle but I am interested in going faster....
    2011 Specialized Enduro Comp
    2014 Boardman Hybrid Comp