My new bike don't fit HELP

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Hi All,
just got a new canyon roadlite and i could do with some advice please.
I did all the measurements and took advise from Canyon and ordered a large frame 58cm, i have tryed to do a basic fit with a friend help and a cant seem to get any where near for starters i have adjusted the seat height so to have a slight bend in my knee when the ball of the foot is on the pedal which is fine but when setting my fore and alf position i seem to have to move the saddle as far back as poss just to get near to plumb bob over axle of pedal? just to confuse me more i seem to steatched out and the wheel hub is behind the handlebar even when i move the saddle back to a more central position so im thinking is the frame to small because i cant seem to get the knee over peddle position or is it to big as i can see the wheel hub behind the bars??????????????? :? :?
Some help please as i have time to return the bike if its not right


  • Sprool
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    How tall are you?
    How long is the stem?
    Can you try flipping it?
    The generalisations about knee over pedal and wheel hub on bars are just rough rules of thumb, they are not laws that fit everyone since everyone is a different shape. Theres more to it than just length of limbs and torso, you have to look at flexibility as well to zone in on something comfortable enough for you to ride as long as possible without discomfort.