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Hi All

I have just changed my bike from a Rayleigh Tiger Shark with 26in wheels with Continental Traction Pro tyres, to a Giant Talon 1 29er with the stock Schwalbe tyres it came with.

On my old set up I hadn't had a puncture in years. With the new setup I have had 2 on my last 2 rides. They where both actual slices in the main tread rather than thorns.

Have I just been really unlucky. Is there anything I can do to improve the situation, short of going tubeless.



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    Unlucky. Tubeless is unlikely to have helped.
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    I recently have been getting quite a few flats due to slices I now use the slime tubes and they work fine for me some people hate them but I think there ace! Haven't had a flat for a while now a bit of pressure comes out but then just pump it back up again saves taking the wheel an tyre and tube out . Only thing is after A few rides there will be objects sticking out the tyre
    When i die I just hope the wife doesn't sell my stuff for what I told her I paid for it other wise someone will be getting a mega deal!!!

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