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Pro Tour Teams for 2013

DeadCalmDeadCalm Posts: 2,995
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he Inner Ring ‏@inrng
UCI publishes list of 15 teams certain of World Tour. Argos, FDJ, Saxo & Lotto fighting for remaining three places

I'd like to see Argos, FDJ and Lotto get the three spots...


  • bipedalbipedal Posts: 466
    Lotto seem to have had a great year with Greipel, so I'm surprised to see them in the bottom 5 instead of invisible teams like ag2r and Euskadi... I really hope Saxo don't grease their way through
  • How the hell have AG2R and the Carrots made the top 15?? Ah, the mysteries of the UCI selection process...

    I'd laugh like a drain if Saxo didnt make it
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