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New Ribble Steel Bike?

BigLightsBigLights Posts: 464
edited July 2013 in Commuting general

I'm sitting here just about to press the button on the Ribble 7005 Winter/Audax bike - I need a new commuter.

I've heard whisperings of the new Reynolds 525 frameset which I think is to replace the 7005....does anyone have the faintest idea if this is the case and indeed when in your view it might be launched on the Ribble website? I've googled the pants off it and there's not very much info.

ie, is it worth me waiting for the new one or just crack on with the 7005?

Many thanks.


  • Angel1Angel1 Posts: 55
    Not sure if the alumunium frame will be replaced but here is a link to the winter trainer frame already available. ... ibbfraw240

  • BigLightsBigLights Posts: 464
    bingo - that's the one. thanks A - i'm just trying to see whether I can find out when the full bikes will begin being sold...
  • BigLightsBigLights Posts: 464
    quick update: I spoke to the Ribble people yesterday. the full 525 will be out 'by the end of November'. Says it'll be 'more comfortable' and 'worth waiting for'.
  • jae-sojae-so Posts: 85
    Why steel, isn't it quite heavy?
  • Stanley222 wrote:
    Did they indicate how much it would cost? I too am considering the 'normal' Ribble Audax for commuting however I think the steel one will be a lot more money!

    Frame only is £220 steel vs £130 aluminium (20% off both at the moment, so £175 vs £103)
  • me too....which is why i'm still waiting. I'd like to at least see a compare/contrast review between the 525 and the Audax one before buying it.
  • BigLightsBigLights Posts: 464
    So, folks...the Ribble REynolds 525 now seems to be on Bikebuilder. There's also a commuting version of their Sportive (Carbon frame) with mudguards etc. Which is a cool concept but i'm doubtful about how long that'd last as a winter hack.

    The question now becomes, do I go for the 7005 winter effort, or this new 525 Reynolds and take a punt? I cannot find a review of it anywhere on the net.

    I'm wanting to replace my Sirrus hybrid effort - 7.5ish mile commute, I sometimes like to take alonger route home. The carbon roadbike is clearly not for commuting (no indoor space at work so it's left outside on the racks).
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Steel doesn't always flex more than alu either - the modulus is three times that of alu! Depends a lot on the tube gauging.
  • BigLightsBigLights Posts: 464
    thanks Stanley - I just reckon it's a bit dubious leaving a carbon roadbike locked up outside all day, that's all. My work doesn't have storage, so I have no choice. Plus i'm a hefty geezer at 100kg and my commuting bike tends to get a good punishing.
  • zx6manzx6man Posts: 1,092
    I have an old 525 tubed peugeot with much slimmer tubes, and it can put the power down better than the alu frame i have, doesn't flex hardly at all.
  • MoMattMoMatt Posts: 2
    Hi All

    Did anyone on this thread buy the Ribble Reynolds 525 Steel bike? Really tempted by it but I'd like to hear a review before I commit.
  • holiverholiver Posts: 729
    Me three! Any info on geometry and weight would be useful to me. An all Campy build looks great value for money if the frame isn't dead and souless.
  • fossyantfossyant Posts: 2,549
    Many of the LBS's are now doing 525 bikes as an option to the alloy ones.

    I've got a nice Ribble 653 "Terry Dolan" from many years back - wouldn't make a commuter as the clearance is way too tight for even cruds to be fitted. It's still far better over poor surfaces though than my alloy/carbon commuter bike and it's stiff ! The steel forks respond much better to imperfections than carbon ones.
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