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Morning all,

I am new to this forum and pretty new to cycling. I am looking to take up cycling more seriously having previously rowed at a decent level. Although I am considerably heavier than the average cycling pro and while I cycle in a cadence that is approximately half what it should be I am looking to become a lot better technically and do several sportives this year with the aim of having a crack at etape du tour next year.

I was hoping to try and get ahead of the curve and get some warm weather training under my belt early this year however was hoping to get some help with locations, operators, things to look out for or any recommendations.

I would likely either head out on my own or as a party of group of 4/5 other rowers/runners probably feb/march time. Ideally i would like to find somewhere with guides and or those able to discuss skills and how to improve technically?

Any help from the board would be much appreciated - apologies if this is a common topic if there are any articles that i should look at please redirect me...




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    There is a lot of choice of training camps in Mallorca, Southern Spain and Lanzarote. You'll find adverts in the back of the magazines this time of year.

    I'd recommend that you contact your choice of possibilities to find out what they offer. Some will have a lot of support interms of talks, advice etc. Some will mainly be a way of people being able to ride in a group. Make sure that there will be a group appropriate for your needs and ability - on some camps the B group can be 2nd Cats!

    Names to google and consider will include Andy Cooke, Stuart Hall, Dave LeGrys, Max Hurstler and others.
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    Can recommend http://www.andaluciancyclingexperience. ... ining.html after a couple of previous trips (hoping to go next year to). Second half of March is generally high teens/early 20's celsius so pretty much ideal for me and the roads are great. Ashley (the guy who runs it) should be able to offer a lot of advice and help with specific stuff like descending but it's more about guided rides to build fitness than a coached camp)
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    Quite a few people got a shock in Majorca this year around Feb/March time. It snowed, was windy wet and cold for a fair while. I know a couple who were very disappointed. Having said that, it was pretty unusual weather, but the possibility exists.

    We went to Lanzarote, going again in Feb 2013. Rain is extremely unusual there, but it's always windy.

    Don't be put off taking a bike with you, it's pretty painless, I just use a bike shop cardboard box.

    Have fun.
  • Thanks all for the input - will have a google around with the information provided =- much appreciated...

    Any tips for convincing the other half to either come with or give me the green light to go with others??

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    Get her to take a mate or relative, then she won't be gooseberry!

    I went to the Pyrenees this summer and am off to the Algarve in 2 weeks....can't wait! Don't be too afraid of just going by yourself with your bike, get a local road map (before you go so you can plan routes), usually available from Amazon and the likes and plan each day. You tend to find that there aren't as many roads as over here and you can follow one for miles and miles before having to check the map again. The Algarve is great if you stay inland from the touristy coastal areas and incredibly cheap. Lots of little bar/ restaurants in each village and a 3 course meal for less than a tenner! Usually great cycling weather in the spring too - November usually 15-20 degrees, with plenty of sunshine, so still pretty good for those of us from northern climes!

    Have fun.

  • mallorcas mate its terrific here Im out everyday and never bored. Base yoruself in the north either Alcudia, or pollenca is best. I live about ten mins from the north coast and if you want and directions give me a shout. I know lots of routes you can take. Bike hire is about 130 euro for the week. as said before the most organised one here i think is maxhurzeler. If you come in April you can do their sportive I have done it for the last two years and its very good. ... ions-2013/

    If you want a huge challenge try this one. i think im going to enter for a laugh. Works out at 172 miles I think over a lot of climbing so would be good practise!

  • I've been out to Denia and the Almeria region in the south of spain, so don't limit yourself to the islands. Both times there were a number of pro teams around (BMC / Rabobank etc.). Plenty of good climbing, quiet roads, great weather.

    If you want to training / coaching, there are plenty of outfits available, my experience was this is it was more of an 'organised ride' than coaching, but i'm sure there are outfits that do more. I really think the best option is to try to find a cyclist who owns a villa / holiday apartment down there. So you get a cheap villa from somebody who knows the roads. Haven't found that yet though, so i've just rented an apartment for £200 for a week.

    On the missus, I have struggled with same problem. I suggest if you go on an organised camp it will be hard to convince. If you go your own or with mates, you could probably schedule your rest days around her visit? I did this in france for a race where she flew in a few days after me, and pretty much arrived as I finished the event. I'd be careful on promising great afternoon / evenings together on your training days, after 4 solid days riding i'm pretty much exhausted by the evening!
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    Calpe is my favourite base for out of season road riding. Terrain is hilly, but no massive alpine type ascents. Excellent workouts guaranteed. Road surfaces are amazingly good and not too much traffic once away from from the main coastal road. The road network is such that routes can be planned with many options for extending or shortening the ride.

    Weather is generally excellent, better than Majorca and strangely better than further south, especially in the winter, say November to March.

    Loads of accommodation available at reasonable prices out of season too. I'm planning on being there for 2 weeks next March.

    Last time I stayed here, half board, Bikes were kept on the balcony and they didn't mind bike in the lifts or pushed across the marble foyer!

    Some photos here: ... 680671355/

    Please note: I’ll no longer engage deeply with anonymous forum users :D
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    Would recommend you take a look at who do great days out, weekend rides and even training camps in Mallorca.

    I've been on one of their fully supported day trip rides and it was a brilliant introduction to group road riding which has got me hooked.