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With Rabobank withdrawing from cycling, what will happen to that team. does it disband or does a new title sponsor come on board (assume its the former as its rabobanks own team rather than just them being the main sponsor, at least thats what i thought) what determines who will replace them as a Pro team. i assume a continental team steps up, but what decides this and who decides which one?

who is most likely, would it be Europcar, as they have some big name riders and used they were a pro team recently anyway (as were cofidis, but dont think they have as many big names as europcar)?


  • meesterbond
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    I think Rabobank are 'white labelling' the team next season i.e. the funding is still in place, they just won't be branded Rabobank. After that, I would imagine they'll be searching for a new sponsor to roll to the team over to.