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Water inside your wheels?

curiumcurium Posts: 815
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I got a visit from the puncture fairy the other day. When I removed the tube today I noticed there was a fair amount of water inside the tyre.

I assume this just works its way in while riding in the rain which I have had to do recently on my work commute.

Is this normal and is it likely to cause any damage?

As a precaution I added a few drops of mineral oil to the spoke nipples although I don't expect it to cling for long in the current climate.


  • sungodsungod Posts: 15,580
    water can get in via the valve hole and/or spoke holes, depends on the rim construction, i've had wheels that could fill up so much that the water sloshed aound in the rims

    if the basetape is cotton it could weaken if it stayed wet a long time, but most are synthetic these days

    drop of oil seems a reasonable idea, and if there's salt on the roads then it could also be worth rinsing well after wet rides to help avoid corrosion, but otherwise i wouldn't worry about it
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