Chickpeas/lentil recipes?????

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Any good chickpea/lentils recipes you would like to share????.


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    i just came off the indian cooking forum reading posts about cycle maintenance to find your post here. Are you on the right forum?
    My favourite lentil recipe is a mild daal, theres some great ones here and you dont need a torque wrench.
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    Tarka daal and Chana masala come to mind. Just this eve I fried some onions, garlic, peppers, chickpeas, and tuna in olive oil and simmered them off in lemon with spinach and quinoa. Lentils are awesome in everything from salads to just boiled with balsamic and olive oil.
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  • Finely chop an onion, carrot and a stick of celery. Fry for 10-15 mins, until cooked - don't brown it! Add in some chopped sundried tomatoes towards the end with some of the oil from the tomato jar. Boil the lentils until cooked. I use those green lentils. Once cooked mix with the veg - nice with salmon etc.

    Chop a romano pepper(the long ones?) length ways in half so you end up with two 'baths' Fill the bath with cooked lentils and top with mozzarella, maybe some sundried tomato and maybe some basil. Stick it all in the oven for 10 mins? until the pepper is soft. Or on a BBQ. Enjoy with some salmon or other protein that's in the freezer/fridge(it's wise to cook the protein in the vast majority of cases)

    Mix a can of chick peas, a thing of feta cheese(crumbled) and some small tomatoes that you've halved. Add in some olive oil, some lemon juice, some mint and some basil. It's a nice salad to go with, say, salmon etc. If this takes you more than 2 minutes to prepare you've done some thing wrong.

    Chop an onion, carrot and stick of celery up fine and fry it 'till cooked. Dice up a chorizo sausage. Add the chorizo to the onion after about 5-10 mins. Then add 1l(or a bit more?) of veg stock(or water with a veg stock cube) Bring it to the boil. Halve some of those small tomatoes and chop up a bag of spinach(remove the bag first) - add these to the water. Cook for a bit and you've got a nice chunky soup. An alternative, if you like thick soup, is to leave out the chorizo, and whizz up the veg and chick peas before you add the tomatoes, spinach and chorizo. It looks a bit weird to me, but still tastes nice. Or whizz the lot if you like your soup through a straw.

    All of the above are vastly improved, IMHO, with the addition of garlic. Lots of it! YMMV....

    I don't really do measures/weights - you just 'do' until it looks/tastes right.
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    Try - there are quite a few on there.

    Also try

    I have a few of my own I'll post up tomorrow...
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    Lentil soup is always worth a go.

    Chop an onion, two sticks celery, a handful of carrots, couple of cloves of garlic and sautee until soft (but not browned). If you aren't veggie then smoked bacon can also be added at this stage.

    Pour in a large cup of red lentils, some water and a couple of bayleaves. (Don't add too much water at this stage, just enough to cook the lentils but keep an eye on it).

    Simmer until the lentils are cooked. Retrieve the bay leaves and then blend it all into a fine puree.

    Add more water if you want thinner soup less if thicker.

    Serve with crusty bread and butter.

    You can add other vegetables. Mushrooms are good but tend to turn the soup a dull grey colour which isn't that appetizing.
  • I love any form of dhal for lentils and chollay for cheak peas... if you are into curry, I highly recommend... maybe just cut a bit on fat from the original recipe, which surely uses clarified butter
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