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bathpool park

adesaxo31adesaxo31 Posts: 88
edited October 2012 in Routes
Does anybody know where the downhill trail is in bathpool park kidsgrove had a ride up today but couldn't find them


  • It's at the opposite end to Kidsgrove. The last time I saw the boardwalk it was looking well battered! I'd walk it before riding it.
  • I rode from stoke on my dh rig and never found anythin is it actually in bathpool park i asked a few people but noone seemed to know what i was on about
  • It's more free ride than proper down hill.

    I think it's roughly in this location:,-2.243766%20%28Peacock%20Hay%20Road,%20Kidsgrove,%20ST7%201,%20England%29
  • Ok thanks ill have a drive up before i ride up again thanks for the help
  • kieron_67kieron_67 Posts: 161
    if you come in from the car park at the bottom of peacocks hay ride to the the straight section next the the train track just before you get to the pool. On the left hand side you will see an concrete section that looks like it used to have a garage on with a path to the side of it. Follow it and it will take you to the forest through a opening in the trees. There is a mound of gravel or stones there.

    go through the trees and turn left follow the path along and you will see one of the jumps on the bank to your right, just after that turn right on the path and go up the bank it will take you to the start.

    its very degraded now and not ride able at all, all the wooden jumps are rotten and alot of the pieces are now missing.
  • Thanks mate ill go have look in the car before i ride up again
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