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Advice re swapping 105 brake cables 'over'...thanks!

simonnsimonn Posts: 88
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I know this will read like a dumb-censored query but here goes:

I had cause to buy a rental Ridley Triton S when my Felt was nicked in Alpe d'Huez after a sloooow T.T. up it! The full s.p. can be read here- it might give you a chuckle!

The thing is that the Ridley's brake levers operate in the European/US sense i.e. the right-hand lever works the rear brake. So I now want to swap over the brake cables and I'm wondering if it is sensible to fit new inner and outer cables or just swap over the existing?

Your advice is welcomed!




  • sungodsungod Posts: 13,774
    if the cables/outer are in good condition, and the cable ends aren't frayed so that they catch on the liner (and maybe damage it), then you can just swap them over

    but if there's any wear, might as well change them while you are doing the job

    at the moment the cables will be crossed over at the front, so when you swap them you should be able to shorten the run slightly which would allow you to lop off the cable ends if they're frayed
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  • simonnsimonn Posts: 88
    Hi sungod,

    Thank you for the sensible advice- they do appear to be in good nick.


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